Monday, December 29, 2014

Catching up

Over the course of 2014 Keegan and I: had a child, moved, started a new career, eloped, scaled up our farming practices (and I mean up!), grew all of our staple foods, cultivated a locally adapted seed crop, worked with people, played with friends, hosted events, milked goats, canned food, raised two puppies, developed a business plan, mentored youth, taught university students, managed a CSA, raised 60 ducklings and 11 goslings, grafted and planted trees, harvested honey, planned a heritage hog stewardship program, expanded our landscape design skills, ate delicious food, and ultimately learned ALOT.  The blog has been vacant as of late because, well, life was happening and I was constantly running to catch up.  As I've told some of my friends recently, I finally feel like I've reached a point in motherhood and farming where I understand my roles and limits, and feel capable and comfortable with that reality.  And part of where I would like to direct my newfound energies is back into the blog world.


I continue to appreciate the model of a personalized blog more and more as I try to wrestle with the hierarchically based traditional structure of farming in conjunction with the techno-savvy 21st century.  An open access blog seems like the best way to share my thoughts, skills, and experiences with the largest audience possible in hopes that it will benefit the collective knowledge of all those who utilize the internet for the tool it is.

So I'll probably spend some time catching you all up on the extensive projects we dove head first into over the past year.  Through MUCH trial and error, heavy on the side of error, we've begun to refine our understandings of many farming practices.  This online documentation will allow me to share those experiences with the world, and also act as a chronological database for both Keegan and I to refer back to.

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Microphone check

Here I come, back to immerse you deep into the stream of consciousness which defines my part of this existence.  I hope you're ready to think about the hard questions, and to look for the beauty in the simple things, and of course to look at a few too many photos of my darling little boy.