Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hard at work on the Raspberries

Some of the most dynamic projects we are currently focusing on revolve around the stewardship of animals.  In return for our attempts at respectable animal husbandry, these amicably loquacious sentient creatures provide us with a host of rewarding benefits. Producers of food (eggs, meat, bones, dairy), fertilizer (manure, bone and blood meal), and close companionship, the fluctuating average of 50 lives under our care never ceases to amaze and enrich.

Currently our throng of critters includes: Cats, goats, alpacas, chickens, ducks, turkens, geese, rabbits, bees, worms, and a consistent flow of wild birds, insects and mammals.  Though the time requirements may be demanding, the pleasures of providing animals the chance at a life worth living in exchange for their prized resources enhances our most basic love for life significantly.  

All our fauna out here in the forest have grown so rapidly over the past few months.  The goat babes are eating mostly on their own as the mamas have gotten on a regular milking schedule.  Several cycles of baby chicks and ducklings have grown up in the spring rains, blazing the trails for the next clutches to hatch out.  The nests of wild swifts are seemingly bursting with eggs, as the patient cats adhere to Darwin's theory.  Fluffy and luxurious the rabbits are doing what they do best, and yet another litter of kits is due in two days. 

It can be quite easy on occasion to become a little too attached to our dearest beasts.  Understandably so; they listen better than most humans do, generally provide more than they consume, are statistically shown to enrich human lives, and gift to the world dishes such as eggs benedict.  The answer to this dilemma comes from a wise Organic Redneck when he concluded, We eat the ones we love the most

Vega Star Child

Their horns are coming in

First round of babes hatched out here, beautiful Araucana crosses

Muscovy crosses


Getting bigger and hungrier


Lady Grey

Chicks round 2

Goat/Alpaca/Frizzle Cochin

Monday, May 27, 2013

Farm Chores (The Photo Series)

A random pictorial representation of our lives.

Egg Planter

Garden Pheasant

Roasted Musquee de Provence

Anti Monsanto Rally

Modify This !!

Forest Oysters

Romain & the English Walnut

Sunflower skeleton


The Main


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Community Gardens

Community gardens are one of the best avenues for creating an agriculture that's urban.  Any apartment loving urbanite has the capacity to cultivate a substantial portion of their own food by stewarding a 10'x20' plot of land within these city provided spaces.  No more lettuce in pots on your balcony ledge, I'm talking about 20 full grown kale plants, 100 lbs of winter squash, 30 bouquets of sunflowers, 60 lbs of fresh homegrown tomatoes, mmMarion berries, plus whatever else your soul desires to grow and eat.  Not only do you obtain the satisfaction of growing your own food, working outside, eating healthier, and becoming a better cook, you also get to meet amazing fellow community members who enhance all the other elements.  Plus your community garden neighbors are some of the best storytellers you've never met.

Alton Baker, Amazon, Whiteaker, Mathews, River House, and Skinner City Farm are all community garden spaces available in the Eugene city limits.  Enter in the lottery before April of that year, and you may be playing with the soil a month later.  The more applications Eugene Parks and Open Spaces receives every year for community garden spaces will only showcase to them the importance of these agricultural centers.

Here are a few photos from one site, in the thick of spring

Farm Chores (The Photo Series)

A random pictorial representation of our lives.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Farm Chores (The Photo Series)

In order to maintain continuity with the blog posts and to keep better track of our progress here on the farm, I have decided to start a weekly installment of farm stills.  The subject matter should vary greatly, but in doing so hopefully you will grasp the essence of how beautiful life can be if it is lead more closely in association with the natural world.  Enjoy!
    Healthy hive
    Step into our tunnel
    Look at that booty
    Lady Grey
    It's getting huge
    Traveling garlic salesman
    The most beautiful braid
    Cat tail
    Oregon citrus grove
    Moringa Olifera
    Beautiful busy bodies
    Rolling pizza
    Processing workshop - future aspik
    Fallen friend