Sunday, December 29, 2013


The new houses have been forged for the coming year(s).  We met recently to begin planning for the Ant Farm Collective 2014 growing season.  Intentions were revealed, crop planning was discussed, lasagna and toddies nourished the decisions.  Stay tuned to watch the new site grow into it's own, and for information on Crop Shares.

Food Not Lawns 12th Annual Seed Swap

  During this time of cold and dark the thing that brings the most excitement is planning for the the next growing season to come.  And what better way to fuel the excitement than swapping a bunch of seeds with fellow gardening enthusiasts in the area.  Seed saving holds it's place as one of the most resilient acts of food production, and consequently of communal sovereignty.  Growing our own food allows us to to not only lead much healthier and observant lives, it enables us to be honorably interdependent upon our local community and not subject to the whims of the conventional food system.  And where do all of our delicious annual veggies spring from?  Seeds naturally.   Seed saving is the basis of food production.  A small scale swap such as the Food Not Lawns event promotes the exchange of open pollinated varieties from plants that have been deemed particularly effective within the local climate by the grower, further promoting the health and vitality of the local food system.  Several righteous seed saving pioneers attended the swap, including the incredibly talented Adaptive Seeds folks, exchanging free seeds amongst area gardeners.  We brought a tables worth (literally) of seed from our household, but made off with some particularly exciting goodies that we cannot wait to get in the ground next year.  

A few notables:

-Oregon Giant Pole Beans from Open Oak Farm
-Golden Days Garbanzo Beans from Harry McCormack
-historic family heirloom Whipple Beans 
-Marfax Cow Peas from Dan Armstrong
-Johnny Gunter potatoes (ooooh)

Lauren Bilbao - An Urban Gardener

Just found this gem.  Love you Lauren, your words express the thoughts we all share.